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Nous œuvrons pour le développement des sports d'endurance, de la course à pied, au triathlon. Nous entrainons des personnes allant de l'athlète confirmé, débutant, à la personne ayant un besoin d'une activité sportive (Suite aux pillages de mes articles ; je tiens à signaler qu'ils sont soumis aux droits d'auteurs; Selon l'article L. 123-1 du CPI)


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Warm-up and relaxation


What is purple, must be done for swimming, in the week the purple + green

9 - The joints of the head : Sitting in a Chair, or standing, the body upright, and making movements of the head, eyes closed, listen to your body

10 - a - the Yes head movement slow from top to down x 10 x 2

11 - b - the No head movement side without rush x 10 x 2

12 - C- The can be: elliptical movement of the head without brusquer x 10 x 2

13.- The joints of the wrist : Have the stuck elbow to the body, and make circles with your wrists and hands. 'Important in swimming'

14.- The fingers of the hands : Have the stuck elbow to the body, making the openings and closings of the hands, so, to work well, the connections between the phalanges

15.- The joints of shoulders : Put the arms on the cross, and make small circles with your arms in a sense 10 and 10 in the other do x 2 "we can't imagine how the arms are heavy. .

16.- The joints of shoulders suites : Have the hands along the body, and then by side rotations come clap your hands over your head. Do 10 x 10 rotations

17 - The easing of the pelvis and hip joint : Having the legs slightly apart, hands on hips, without moving your feet, do 10 one-way and 10 in the other circles do x 2

18 - The knee joints: Have slightly bent legs, round, 10 in one direction and in the other 10 do x 2 R20s at the end: beware this exercise must not have painful repercussions

19.- Ankles joints: Stand top of the released body, hands and arms, ditto. Make small deflections of the legs slightly off the heels

20 - Joints of the soles of feet and its strengthening with body weight: stay in the same position as the previous year. Take off the heels at the same time: you go for the ups and downs of your body do it 30 times



The exercises are always preceded by a phase of physical and mental relaxation. You can use it every day to just relax and especially in the evening for best you sleep after a stressful day, but also after a big workout, which in this case will compliment almost stretching exercises that, will be the :




 The exercise is as follows:

1 - I sit on the floor and I close my eyes

2 - I pause inside in order to become aware of my body of its stationary in space

3 - Initially, I breathe and I get suddenly all the muscles of my body and my face by bringing my members against me, and clasping fists

4 - Secondly I expires and I release all of a sudden

5 - I'm listening to my body

6 - Then I breathe with awareness in the air I feel through my nostrils and brings me a lightness in my whole being

7 - I do this exercise three times now by being very attentive to what I feel

8 - Finally I lie on the floor, eyes closed, and I released myself completely, as if I sank in the carpet

9 - I stay so a few moments, attentive to my relaxation and my good be

10 - And slowly, I take consciousness of my surroundings as I used to do

This practice allows a better relaxation, but also a more for the life of every day

We start our first cycle which will be 4 weeks is that of the month of May


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