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Publié par ENDURANCE38 sur 23 Février 2014, 16:46pm

Catégories : #Challenge femina

femme-enceinte largeUpon return of a pregnancy many women have weight gain , and many of them want to take a sport

The simple answer is yes you can with one condition not to do anything . To " return women pregnancy " , is to make a so-called cardio activity This activity should allow you to return to a level of your form, but also your weight.

Nordic walking contrary to what we have presented above you more . Because if big weight gain you can do this activity without stress for your joints and your back

Another advantage you can more easily enjoy the race couple walking But like all things you need to know dose

Real example if you happen to have two or three Nordic walking per week for several months and your resting heart rate and decrease your recovery will be reduced breathlessness

This will be a plus for you on because if you want to resume the race on foot you are ready on the heart and muscle-

Coatché for a group of women in business , who were either on weight after pregnancy , or inactivity

Two times a week for 40 minutes and 1:20 all had improved resting heart rate all lost weight. Some practiced foot race in the past, they preferred to maintain this activity Nordic walking heart rate

Nordic walking between activities in endurance sports In addition it allows the work of the entire muscle chain: lower and higher fat sticks to . Abs , neck , shoulders , chest , are solicited and glutes

It is an activity where we quickly took to the game, because for people with a little practice speed may range from 5 to 8km / h Max So loss kcal / hour is not negligible


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